Review: 2012

RNF before the review:


(Is this a classy dude or what? Ohio’s finest. Yark. I’m sure he’s great and his mama loves him, but he just always looks dirty to me.)

Seems Big Ben is in a lil trouble again for pushing hisself on the ladies. Dandy hanky there, sport.

So the Thriller and I watched 2012 last night. For a doomsday movie, it felt surreal. I mean, I found myself thinking, “Is it OK to laugh here?” Faced with his house and entire street being swallowed in seconds by a massive earthquake, Jackson (played by quirky/cute John Cusack) jumps behind the wheel of his limo, family in tow, and makes wisecracks about his wild driving. I guess the director felt it was necessary to pad the horror with a little comic relief.

The story’s reality walls are thin at times (e.g., the world is crumbling but we still have all communication/internet/satellite services up and running perfectly?), but the special effects are beyond cool. Check out how they did it. It will impress you, even if the incredibly convenient date of “12/12” doesn’t. (Notice the dyslexic gaffe in the graphic.)

So, totally over the top in every way, garishly dramatic while keeping smart-aleck lines in tact, probably a metric ton of Chicken Little hogwash thrown in for good measure….yeah, I liked it OK.

On the Rat-O-Meter movie scale of five cheeses:

Happy weekend, fiends. Yay!

13 thoughts on “Review: 2012

  1. Mavis

    Poor millionaire Ben. Can’t afford a decent suit so he borrows one of Uncle Jed’s. Too bad Granny didn’t throw him in the “ceeement” pond for a good scrubbin’ before going in front of the camera! Good grief. Do you think a shave and new do would even help? What do women even SEE in this Jethro?!

    I’m coming over today to borrow that movie! I just love that you have movie ratings on your blog. The “rating cheese” always makes me giggle. You’re awesome.

    LOVE YOU!!!

      1. Mavis

        We’re waiting to watch it until around dinner time.
        I’ll let you know how many cheeses I give it. ;0)

  2. PKPudlin

    I didn’t see it, but hubby did. (We don’t share a like taste in movies.) The reviews looked like a perfect ‘man’ movie, i.e. Things blowing up, things going fast, things blowing up while going fast. :P

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Perfect man movie indeed, PK. Definitely the most blowin’-uppest car-wreckingest, building collapsingest film I’ve seen in forever!

  3. Suzanne

    I don’t even know who that Ohio Yarkster is. Maybe a good thing?

    I think H would like 2010 so we will probably see it one of these days. Perhaps in 2011. :)

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Of course! Get yer affairs in order!

        And Mr. Yark is Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback of the Pittsburgh St*****s (and Ohio native, of course).


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