Things I’ve Only Recently Discovered

(And Rediscovered)

  1. Chocolate Cheerios. Food. Of. The. Gods.
  2. Getting upset because people don’t care as deeply as you do is pretty much useless.
  3. Teenagers from Hooterville can do some pretty amazing art.
  4. My tolerance level for Pharisees is inversely proportional to my advancing age.
  5. Dogs can teach us volumes about loyalty and unconditional love.
  6. If you are looking for some of the meanest girls on the planet, I know where you can find some.
  7. Nearly 75% of Droid users are men. Guess that makes me one of the boys. Truth be told, I do wish the Droid was prettier, with softer edges. But it definitely “does.” I’ll take that any day.
  8. When you get up at 2 a.m., you’re really really really sleepy at 5:35.


11 thoughts on “Things I’ve Only Recently Discovered

  1. Helen

    Comments. Here we go:

    1) I saw those at the grocery the other day and almost got them. Next time… Sound yummy. Well, put chocolate on anything, right?
    2) It’s a shame, but no one will ever care about something as much as you do. I was having a conversation with a friend about this the other day (He was having to rely on someone to put in their equal share on a work project.) But it’s true. It’s OK to be responsible only for yourself and your effort because that’s all you have control of. Ever.
    3) When all else fails, rely on this. It’s awesome! (And you are a huge part of it! Ahem)
    4) Pharisees? Like literally? That one might have gone over my head.
    5) Amen! Something else to rely on with #2, awesome!
    6) I live down the street… Just kidding, though I can definitely be mean!
    7) It’s still a man’s world.
    8) Lordy, woman! You need to take a day for yourself sometime!! And take a nap on that day, lol.

    Well, not too articulate or compendious, but now you see why I never comment. I don’t have anything intelligent to say! Hope you have a good day, and more importantly, a good night’s sleep. :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      1. You have GOT to try the Cheerios. I could eat the whole box (and eventually, I will). They are fab!!

      2. The thing I hated hated hated the most about my graduate work was working in groups. I was always afraid of dropping the ball, or someone else doing it.

      3. Thank you! :-)

      4. Pharisees — I wasn’t very clear, was I? LOL. I meant people who sit in snooty, pseudo-righteous judgment of others. Icky.

      6. You are not mean! Bad girl! (OK, you’re bad, but not mean…)

      I think I am going to hit the hay early tonight. I dragged myself through the day today, and I fear my fuse was a little short in rehearsals. I hope they forgive me…

      I love your posts! You, Lars, Mavis and Hannah are the only family members who read me that I know of — I love it when you respond. Lets people know that I’m not making all these people up.


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Girl, you have to try them. Unlike, say, Cocoa Puffs, you don’t just taste sugar. They taste like cocoa to me. YUMMY

  2. Suzanne

    Hmmm chocolate cheerios. Something else to look forward to when I next fly to MI. :)

    I don’t get the Pharisees thing.

    Agree on the dogs thing.

    Mean girls are all over the world–where are yours to be found then?

    Your sleep problem worries me, doll……

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know! I’m so afraid of waking up in the night, because once I do, the brain won’t shut off. I try and try to think about nothing, but no dice. I have to find a better way!

  3. RD

    Your comment about dogs reminded me of a joke that demonstrates that dogs are man’s best friend. Here goes: a man locked both his wife and his dog in the trunk of his car and left them there for three hours. When he came back and opened the trunk, guess which one was glad to see him, slobbering all over him and licking his face.

    Waking up at 2:00 a.m. could be a sign of stress. How’s that for an understatement.I hope you get a super good and completge nights sleep. Have you tried melatonin?

    Ditto on Pharisees! They are in the same class as mean girls. So, I was just judgmental about both Pharisees and mean girls :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Oh HA HA and HO HO both of you! SHEESH

      If you locked me in a trunk on purpose you’d have more to worry about than my not being happy to see you! (Cue “Psycho” violins…)

      So whaddya call a million Pharisees and mean girls at the bottom of the ocean???


  4. BoomR

    BLAST! RD! You beat me to the “dog & wife in the trunk” joke!! LOL

    …and I’m running out to buy some chocolate Cheerios right after Bluvox takes me to a yummy dinner!

    Ditto on the Hooterville teenagers! My first teaching job in Iowa was a Hooterville, but man did I have some kids that could play & sing!

    Last but not least, if you weren’t on the Devil’s wireless network, you’d be able to buy a real nice curvy sexy Droid from TMobile called MyTouch. I just got one for work. Tre cool!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I would KILL for that Fender one! And it looks like I’m staying with the Debbil for awhile longer (‘sides, I got four other people under me on this contract!).

      Are you using the MyTouch instead of your iPhone now? What’s better about it?

      1. BoomR

        Naaa…still got the iPhone. I had to get the MyTouch because there’s a version of FlipShare for your Flip camera that runs on the MyTouch or G1. There’s also a Blackberry and iPhone/iTouch version. I’ve already created the training materials for iPhone. Now I gotta do Android & Blackberry. So it’s more for work & testing than it is to use. BUT having said that, if my iPhone ever died, I’d get a MyTouch in a heartbeat!


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