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Apparently, it’s anger management time again for Naomi Campbell, who allegedly roundhoused her limo driver. The Daily News calls her a cantankerous catwalker. HA

Once again, I will climb into the pulpit to laugh out loud at the lunacy: alcohol is legal, but pot isn’t. I don’t have time this morning to opine on that absolutely absurd paradox. The end.

Words I didn’t want to read this morning:

You are a public employee. You are paid with tax dollars. Your salary, retirement, health care, class size, curriculum, subject standards, teacher standards, school calendar, school day, and even school lunches are all decided by politicians. Your livelihood and work conditions depend on politics.  ~North Central Ohio Education Association newsletter article on why I should care about politics


So tonight will be a rare evening at home (our varsity men’s basketball team is playing their first tournament game, so I gave everyone the night off). Whatever shall I do? The Thriller is making dinner. That part will be fab.


3 thoughts on “RNF XXXIII

  1. BoomR

    Hey luv…enjoy your evening with the white gloved one @ home… what’s on the menu? I may swing by to see if there’s left-overs… YUMMY!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, Boom Boom — ended up that I stayed after school and visited with Bando for awhile, then worked some after she left. I didn’t get home till almost 7!

      Leftovers for you are always in the fridge — but no more surprise visits — old gal almost had heart failure the last time I looked up and saw you standing right in front of me!



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