26 hours and counting

That’s how many straight hours the Fink has been awake. How long can I go with no sleep? I think I’m going to find out tonight.

Only 5 more hours and I’ll be able to go to bed, having put in a marathon-like 31 straight hours. How cool is that?

My students seem to be having a great time. They haven’t stopped since leaving Ohio, until this brief respite of two hours at the hotel (during which time I have solved room problems, worked on other problems, and taken a shower). We leave in a few minutes for Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ, which will be…um….loud. I’m an MT pro…been there too many times, and my knight has never won. Poop anyhow.

But the kids will get a huge kick out of it, which, of course, will make my night. Er, knight.

Tally ho.

RF, kinda worn out

4 thoughts on “26 hours and counting

  1. Will

    Good luck with your knight. I mostly remember the chicken was good but something in the food reacted badly with my stomach. For that matter, I remember not being too happy with most of the food in NYC for some reason.


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