4:30? I don’t mind.

I can take a nap later if I want to. I’m on vacation. And there was much rejoicing.

Today, I shall bake a cake and clean my house. Or bake a cake and watch a movie. Or bake a cake and then bake something else. Tomorrow, Mavis comes over and we start putting together the Christmas meal. I’m looking forward to several stress-free days, when I will not touch a piano (so maybe my tendinitis will start to heal, oweeee) or think about upcoming rehearsals.

Well, I’ll probably think about them…

We also plan to enjoy the fabulous dinner-and-a-movie gift that BoomR and BV sent (B — the Thriller wants to see Sherlock Holmes). Bando came for a visit yesterday and gave me some delicious treats (I’m having a shortbread cookie with coffee this morning) which I plan to share with the family tomorrow. Thank you to both of you!

So, is all your shopping done? Are you ready to enjoy the most important parts of the holidays, whatever they are  to you? That’s the best part, isn’t it.

Happy Finkday! Time to get busy — or not. :-)

3 thoughts on “4:30? I don’t mind.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Awesome! We are both looking forward to seeing it!

      Baking is done for today — we had fun! How goes the boxing and un-boxing?

      1. PKPudlin

        Well since we’re not crossing any state lines – heck, we’re not crossing the *county* line – it’s more scoop and drop versus boxing, which is nice. We’re about 65 to 70% done – heavy stuff goes on the 29th with the piano. I leave for CA on Sunday morning so I will miss all that excitement. Boo. Hoo.



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