A fyne weekend

So yeah — got some work done on the thesis. It’s ready to submit for the final feedback, then I make some (hopefully) small changes and give it the heave-ho on Tuesday the 1st, and wait for my grade (oh, and the diploma). I can see the finish line.

Had my sis’s birthday feast last night (we celebrated the birthday of  Jake and Justin’s other grammie, Jane, too). It was a grand time.

Six-month-old Justin was making us laugh. It’s fun when you begin to see a baby’s personality developing. We told Hannah last night that she was fortunate indeed to have two babies in a row with happy dispositions. Yay!

Yes, I have an Obligatory Grammie Showoff Photo:


I predict lots of opportunities to hone my Flip Video editing skills. Just gotta get through these next couple of weeks…

Happy Monday.

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