Round 2 underway

Last night at 10:43, I submitted the penultimate draft of my thesis. Praise God and Jesus. I will get it back one more time, fix what I hope are minor errors, then resubmit in 2 weeks. Then it’s over. Almost three years of constant study — over. Like that *snapping fingers*.

I have thought many times about what I will actually do with myself. I’m not kidding. I mean, I know I’m going to see Justin and Jake more; I’m really looking forward to that. My goal is to see them every day, actually. But…they go to bed at like 7:30 – 8:00. What then? I’m not being silly, honest. My life has been so ordered — so ruled by my BU schedule in nearly all aspects — that it’s kind of creepy to think of how I’ll fill the time. I refuse to be a sofa spud or disappear in books all night. Oh well. No biggy. I’ll have Dinner Theatre starting in January to keep me busy, and I won’t stop until I get home from NYC the night before Easter. But, after that….hmmm.

Maybe I’ll develop a new hobby. Hey! How about video production? I’ll make movies with my Flip! Whaddya think, Artillius? In fact, here is my debut. (I know, more Justin — but he’s a great subject, don’t you think?)

I’ve never seen anyone so delighted by his image in the mirror (well actually I have, but I won’t mention his name since he’s 50 years old and who knows, he might read this). It’s the cutest thing ever!

And now, my world premiere — all 24 seconds of it (I know, title graphics need work): Babies Like Mirrors.


8 thoughts on “Round 2 underway

  1. J^2 Mama

    So I heard there was a video of the most adorable almost-6-month-old on here so I had to check it out! I am blessed to have 2 wonderful, happy children. ;)

    Congrats on submitting the thesis! The end is near! ;)

  2. Mavis

    Congrats on the thesis, Berd! It’s almost over. I think making movies is a great ambition! If this video is a preview, you’ll do well. *applause* :0)

    LOVE YOU!!!

  3. BoomR

    Congrats on the thesis!! Woo-hoo! And looks like you found the movie making feature of FlipShare! The title/credits are nothing fancy, but the whole idea was for it to be easy to make a movie :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I was hoping you get in here today to see my little fillum!

      Thanks for the well-wishes, pal. I think it’s all been worth it.

      Regarding the font size on the FS movie titles…can you reduce it?

      1. BoomR

        Nope…sorry… everything is pretty much pre-programmed so you don’t have lots of options to trip people up. You do get 5 lines of text & about 90 characters. So with a little fudging, you can get it more centered in the middle of the screen. Anything fancier & you should pull the MP4’s into iMovie on your new Mac – TONS of editing options there!

  4. Kodye

    One time I walked by this mirror. I looked in it, obviously, then realized there was a mirror behind it. Needless to say I got lost in my own reflection for about 14 hours. Best day ever.


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