Burning Question #733

WHAT do you get for the person who has everything already? I know gift cards are the standard answer, but I’d like to stay away from those. Cash is out. Has to be something nice and thoughtful (and I’m not “crafty,” so it unfortunately can’t be anything I make on my own).

It really is a constantly-asked question, isn’t it. There are several people on my Christmas list like this — mostly friends. I mean, you know your family’s hobbies, special likes & dislikes, etc., so they’re not as perplexing. Besides, you can always ask a sibling or spouse for help.

But how do you score with buying presents for he/she who has seen everything, done everything and has everything?

Hep me! Please and thank you.


PS – Last night was weirdsville at the Fink house. No revisions to do, no reading 15-page journal articles, no studying…bizarre.

6 thoughts on “Burning Question #733

  1. Mavis

    Most everyone likes chocolate, right? Well, I found a site you just HAVE to see. They make chocolates into the NEATEST things! Like a cell phone, a full cheeseburger meal, even an aspirin! :0) It’s the coolest thing! Go to, http://www.creativechocolatesofvt.com. They are all naturally made in Vermont. Good prices, too! Something different for the hard-to-buy-for people.

    Love you!

  2. Suzanne

    One year, for my mom (who has everything and doesn’t need anything more) I got her an agenda. I picked one that had a week per page so that the day squares were fairly large. Then I went through and put special messages to her, sprinkled throughout the year. On her birthday of course, and each of her kid’s birhdays and wrote a memory that I had of each sibling. On the 4th of July I wrote another memory I had of a favorite 4th when I was a kid and so on. Then she had something fun to read throughout the year and I was able to “be” there with her on special days and not-so-special days. I also sent along a really nice pen so she could write in her own appointments.

    It sounds like a big task but if you started now you could write a thing or two each day. You’ll be surprised at how, during the day or at 2:30am(!) you think to yourself oh yeah I could put that in the agenda!

    My mom loved it and I never did it again, perhaps I should do it again this year. :)

  3. Will

    It may seem cheesy but buy them one of those 1001 Places To See/Movies to Watch/Recordings to Hear Before You Die books. If they’ve trully done everything, it’s an exercise is flipping through and reminiscing about that time they were there. If they haven’t been to someplace in the book, then they have an idea for a trip and it’s all thanks to their friend the Fink.

    In unrelated news, I had the most far-out dream last night. SC finally got a theater and it was gorgeous. Like rivaling most Broadway theaters gorgeous. You were putting on a version of Birdie that involved interpretive dance and Bonnie and Clyde for some odd reason.

  4. PKPudlin

    My mom and sister and her family are like that. In addition, they live in AZ and TX, respectively. At the risk of sounding like commercial, every year I go to http://www.montanamills.com and send them each a gift box. They have some ready-made and some you can customize. This bread is absolutely to die for (‘specially the cinnamon-raisin!!). It is always a hit, delivered fresh and on time.

    Another idea is a gift subscription to a magazine that covers an area they’re interested in. My sister gets a renewal on a knitting magazine for her birthday every year. She gets a new issue every month, so it ‘keeps on giving’ as it were.

    I like the agenda idea too.



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