A good day…

…and it’s only 5:19 a.m. That’s a good thing, Martha.

  1. I’m among the living again, yay! No DayQuil or NyQuil yesterday, and we made it just fine. [I am willing away the tickly feeling in my lungs, however.] Another virus in the books, and all’s well that ends well. And just in time for Dinner Theatre rehearsals to start tonight at 7.
  2. I was short on ideas — and time — for Jake’s upcoming 4th birthday, so daughter-in-law Hannah gave me this great idea. And thanks to the BOGO offer, Justin gets a pair, too. :-)
  3. Had a great impromptu visit with Simone last night.
  4. Mavis is slowly improving. Bigtime PTL on that score.
  5. Two of my former students commented on my Facebook wall that they missed choir & musical theater. That’s a feather for sure.
  6. Last night at 10:30, I shut down the box and told the Thriller I was going up to read. I said, “…and another week starts.” His response? “Yeah, but it’s another week closer to our vacation.” Touché!
All this, and on a Monday, even. Now let’s see if five choir rehearsals match up…
OK OK. Come on. Give me your good news for today. I know you have some. Tell, share, crow, go.


4 thoughts on “A good day…

  1. BoomR

    At 8am I got a call from a recruiter to set up an interview with another company interested in me. I had a great “screening” meeting with the recruiter last Thurs at his office, then Friday had a good 30-minute phone interview with the hiring manager for this job. Sort of a “variation on a theme” for my skill sets: technical writing + managing a group of 3 tech writers & develop some processes & a strategy for their end-user doc, plus would have to do some training for them, too.

    So I go meet the hiring manager on Tuesday at 3pm. Not as many warm/fuzzies about this job as with the company I’m meeting with today, but COULD be a great backup plan if for some unknown reason things DON’T work out today….

    …but I’m thinking today should go REALLY well…. Fingers/toes crossed!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      When it rains it pours! I saw your Facebook post last night. You are going to have so many offers, I predict…the fact that they’re pursuing you in this economy is a testament to how your talents are still highly sought after. You are going to nail this! XO

  2. RD

    I’m thrilled that you’re doing better and surviving without the Quils. I join you with the PTL about Mavis. Not much new to report on my front, just the repeat of same old, same old. The lawns have greened significantly as a result of the recent rain, so mowing is still in demand — 6 1/2 hours today After this mowing, came home and had to mow my own front lawn! Have a left foot that’s a tad sore. That’s not good. Glad I don’t have to mow tomorrow, so I can give it some rest. (May have to mow my back yard tomorrow. Since it’s the back yard, maybe it can wait!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, pal — and the lawn mowing is almost at an end. Maybe another month? But then you’ll be up and out. Hey, IOU an email. Stay tuned!


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