Various & Sundry XXXVI

Whoa, some pretty things to look at today. Who says garbage has to be unslightly? [Unslightly? I meant unsightly. HA. Thank you and move along.]

According to Wikipedia:

In the early 20th century, Fort Bragg residents threw their household garbage over the cliffs above what is now Glass Beach. They discarded glass, appliances, and even cars. The land was owned at that time by the Union Lumber Company, and locals referred to it as “The Dumps.” Sometimes fires were lit to reduce the size of the trash pile.

In 1967, the North Coast Water Quality Board and city leaders closed the area. Various cleanup programs were undertaken through the years to correct the damage.

Over the next several decades the pounding waves cleansed the beach, wearing down the discarded glass into the small, smooth, colored trinkets that cover the beach today.

How lovely is that? More photos here. Raise your hand if you did not know this existed.


These are awesome — as long as your light socket doesn’t hang from the ceiling. :-)


What do you love? Type it in and go.


This is how I feel this morning. HAA


And finally, a thing of true beauty. Wonder if we should try those…you up for it, Mavis? Maybe for Christmas Eve?

Happy Tunesday, fiends. And happy anniversary to Helen and Lars!

4 thoughts on “Various & Sundry XXXVI

  1. Mavis

    It’s just about the most beautiful thing ever! I mean the cupcakes. I love the glass beach, too! That angry bird is SO YOU!!! :D It’s cute, petite, angry…with little feet. BWAH! Thanks for starting my day with a smile! We are definitely doing the cupcakes for the holidays! I might just even eat one!

    Love you!

  2. PKPudlin

    Wow- cool how Nature has the power to take garbage and make it beautiful! I really don’t want to see the beach that has disposable diapers on it, though. I’ll just pass on that one.

    I put on 5 lb just looking at those cupcakes. ACK!

    Hope you’re better, Finkly!


  3. Rat Fink Post author

    HAA – thanks, girls! And I think I’m going to make that bird my new Facebook profile picture. LOL and YAY for Nutella!!! We’ll definitely do those at Christmastime, Mave.

    PK – is Fort Bragg anywhere near you?


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