A Jim Dandy Weather Day


Mehhhh, so what? We’ll still have fun. I told everyone to just dress like they’re going to a football game.

The Tribe’s taken two of three from the dirty rotten White Sox. Sweeps are rare indeed for the Indians, so what does this mean for today’s game, hmm? Does the Thriller go home happy, or do I? Regardless, I will be thrilled. Video and photos to come (providing I can slog my way through FlipShare).

Happy Sungday — I’m off to hunt and gather for gloves, winter socks, parka and scarf.


2 thoughts on “A Jim Dandy Weather Day

  1. RD

    I saw the final score: Indians 7 White Sox 4. Congrats to you and condolences to the Thriller. What’s it like to be at a baseball game in football weather?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      It was fun — but my poor feet! Wrong shoes & socks, as in too flimsy and thin. But it was great. Kids sang well and the Tribe won, so it was a success!


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