Well, I WAS…

…going to upload some Flip video of the House Jacks rehearsing yesterday during the vocal jazz/pop festival I judged at yesterday, but NOooOoooOoOO. The Fink is video-editing challenged. Or FlipShare just hates me. Or both. BLAH

I had a great time. I’m sure my fiend Brad — who put on an excellent event once again — won’t mind that I snagged his photo of the House Jacks — amazing vocal band. I judged 3 groups with Deke Sharon (I heart him), and did two tandem clinic sessions with Roo, one of their tenors. Great guys all.


Last night’s concert began with Tiffin University’s groups. It’s great to know that there is such fine jazz and pop singing going on in Ohio — especially at a college where there is no bonafide music major option in the catalog. Check out Up in the Air — they are awesome as well.

Now it’s the Indians game tomorrow — what a hoot! It’s been a crazy week. Someday, when I actually learn how to use FlipShare, I might upload a video of our national anthem performance, and maybe even of my student, Travis, throwing out the first pitch. How cool is that.


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      1. Rat Fink Post author

        I answered your mail before checking RtB or FB — I didn’t know you were going to the Philippines! You’re 12 hours ahead of me — does your bod get all screwed up with jet lag when you get home?


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