Michelle Obama’s campaign to kick childhood obesity is getting revved up (I think I like this First Lady “cause” the best out of all of them in recent years), receiving top-level press and visibility. Jamie Oliver, a chef from a country definitely not known for its healthy cuisine either, is beginning to make a difference in some US cities (and I hope it turns into a tidal wave of change), and the Healthy Schools Campaign in Chicago is starting a trend for the millions of children at risk for obesity and its related dangers.

Then KFC comes out with a new sandwich.

Today’s boot goes to the “Double Down” — what better way to complement the aforementioned healthy eating campaigns than to introduce “food” that’ll have microscopic beavers building dams in your major arteries faster’n you can say atherosclerosis?

I mean, listen. I’ll eat the occasional Fluffernutter, and I do like having a decadent treat once in awhile, or celebrating on a special day. But this is an affront to anyone who’s ever cared a minute about his or her health in the slightest. Who needs bread when ya got two pieces-a fried chicken you can slap together around bacon, cheese and goo? How delightfully American.

The numbers on KFC’s site look suspiciously low.

Anyway, BOOT to the head for them. Trying to eat healthy is hard enough on everyone. And don’t even get me started on the food in my school cafeteria…


6 thoughts on “BTTH XI

  1. Lars

    Ok, I admit when I first opened the site up I was like “mmm, that sandwich looks wonderful”. There is a place in Galveston that serves a sandwich called the Artery Clogger. Chicken-fried steak on a huge bun with bacon and melted cheese and all the fixins. I get it everytime I visit. What were we talking about again?

  2. Suzanne

    I dunno. KFC didn’t make Americans fat. Fat Americans made themselves fat.

    I can go to McDonald’s and choose a salad or a burger. McDonald’s didn’t say to me YOU MUST BUY THIS BURGER AND NOT THAT HEALTHY SALAD! I said that. McDonald’s has salads, doesn’t it….???

    Lars doesn’t have to get that Artery Clogger because a truck stop in Galveston told him to. It’s there to be chosen and Lars choses to order it. Every time.

    Yes, it’s unfortunate that KFC and other food chains prey on people like this but it will stop as soon as The People stop making these choices. And I frankly don’t see that happening.

    That Thing from KFC does look pretty good…..

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I hear ya, Suz! You know that. I just wish that they’d stop offering choices like this. It’s not regulated like booze and cigs; it’s openly available so a 10-year-old could walk into KFC and buy one of these things. It’s the kids who are sucked in the most — the adults need to take care of themselves, for sure.


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