A nervy time

It’s hard to go on with one’s carefree daily life when a pet is sick. Many of us know this firsthand.

Rousseau took a second trip to the vet at 7:30 last night. At first, she thought it was an infection, as the nictitating membrane — what is known as a dog’s third eyelid — was pulling up over his eye and making it retreat into its socket, indicating he was in pain. But the antibiotics and topical cream she gave him on Friday morning did no good (in fact, the cream eventually made it worse). So she put him on a different antibiotic, and said that if he’s not better in a couple of days, he will need to see an eye specialist in Akron.

Oy. Poor puppy.

Looking sad after his bath yesterday

He and the Thriller just got up, and he looks a *little* better. We’re still on for the specialist if things don’t improve by tomorrow night.

Getting to work isn’t near as fun when something like this is on my reptilian brain. But the work still has to get done. Hey, you need to get busy too — have a great Tunesday, fiends. If you like, I’ll keep you posted on our precious Mr. Old Bones.

8 thoughts on “A nervy time

  1. Mavis

    Poor Pup. I sure have been praying for him. Hopefully the new med will work and he won’t have to see the specialist. I know how hard it is when one of our pets become sick. :-(

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, luv. He looks so pathetic and sad all the time — I’m sure he’s in pain. Off to the eye guy today!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’m sure the doc will look for that condition today. I read up on it and looked at a hundred pictures — I can’t see anything that looks like Rousseau’s eye, but I’m no doctor. And the Pub Med article I read said the condition is easily recognizable, so if that’s the case, I’m changing vets! LOL

  2. PKPudlin

    Poor puppers. I had a cat who had that eyelash thing, but she was a purebred Burmese with the flat-ish face. It would bother her on and off. I’m sure doggies get things like that too occasionally.

    Will Rogers said the smartest person could think of was a veterinarian because the patients couldn’t tell him what was wrong, he just had to know. :)

    Do keep us posted!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Very true, fiend. I hope this doc’s sixth sense is working today. I’ll definitely keep you posted on what’s going on.


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