A rare moment of gasconade

I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence. :-)

Those who know me as a choral director also know that I do not like to brag about my students’ musical achievement, prowess, what have you. In other words, I’m not too generous with the compliments.

Recently, I had a request from a former student to locate a recording of the choir from 2-3 years ago, so I found one. On a kick (because I *never* listen to my own ensembles’ recordings — I hate not being able to fix stuff), I put the disc into the Ranger’s CD player on the way home last night. I must say, I was not offended. The music was actually pretty good in places.

One particular song really impressed me stylistically, tonally — every way. So I thought that today I might let you have a listen, if you like. You don’t have to. Really. But you can if you want.

I’m particularly proud of these two juniors and two seniors from 2006 (one of them is RtB fiend Mathew, singing first tenor). I hope you enjoy this from O Brother, Where Art Thou?

[gplayer href=”http://finkweb.org/audio/mocs.mp3″]Platinum – Man of Constant Sorrow[/gplayer]

And because I can’t leave you without featuring Mr. Mathew on a sweet solo from when he was an 11th grader…

[gplayer href=”http://finkweb.org/audio/gns.mp3″]Platinum – Good Night, Sweetheart[/gplayer]
Have a great Finkday!

12 thoughts on “A rare moment of gasconade

  1. BoomR

    I’m entertaining all the folks at Gate 4 in the San Jose International Airport with your selections. Sounds GREAT!!! And is that you tickling the ivory or plastic??

    BTW, belated well-wishes to the White Gloved One & glad that he had a great 1st day at class. This week has been crazy full for me, so just now getting caught up on my RtB fix!! Have a super weekend, kids!!


    1. BoomR

      PS…I want to be the first one to post to your blog while on an airplane!! This Wi-Fi on an airplane is off the hook! Sitting here sipping a Bacardi & Coke, munching on warm mixed nuts, and catching up on RtB – this is LIVIN’!!!! I can’t wait for you to try this sometime! ;-)

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        OK. Now how can they do this? I thought it was all dangerous & stuff to have wireless signals floating around in the cabin with all the communication going on in the cockpit. What gives here? I know…it’s been awhile since I’ve been on a plane (um….1997 I think it was), but what’s the deal?

    2. Rat Fink Post author

      How cool, BoomR! Thanks! Yep, that was me hacking away at the keys.

      I’m glad you get to go home for awhile – I hope the sessions at the Flip Mothership were useful. Have a relaxing weekend, luv!


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