Kaptain Karma strikes again


So yesterday morning, I allowed myself a little crowing space. By 12:30 in the afternoon, the wheels had fallen off (alongside the heads of most of my high school choir). Innat just the way? And when will I ever again post about what a boss choral director I think I am? Um, NEVER.

BOOT to the head. Finkleman, Finkleman. What a donkey.

But I’m looking forward to rehearsal today. Running Act I. Should be verrrry especial…

So what are you up to this fine Saturday? I’m going to go up and see if Jake’s ready to get up and have some breakfast.


PS – I just saw this on Facebook. I have to tell you, it’s funny. *ducking and running*

*THE* Overrated University

15 thoughts on “Kaptain Karma strikes again

  1. Kodye

    Normally I’d have something semi-witty to say about that OSU graphic, but I’m on a lot of meds right now trying to kick a cold in the butt. So, all I can say about it is “booooooo”. Mark my words. The 2010 National Championship Game will be THE Ohio State University against “THE U” The University of Miami.

  2. Kristen

    I refrained from writing an angry rant on here about how much I love my Ohio State in all its fantastic fantasticness. I realize that not everyone is a crazy Buckeye fanatic like myself and fellow students (so I saved it for my blog instead) :)

  3. Helen

    Lol, great graphic my bird friend. I wonder where you saw something so insanely funny? Really though, what type of self-importance does a university have when it puts “THE” in front if its name? I could also go on about a certain local school whose mascot it the Tyger. Yes Tyger with a ‘y’. Why? Aren’t they a school? Is there no english teacher there?
    (*Running and ducking behind flapping Fink*)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Har! Yes, Helen, I’m afraid we swim in shark-infested waters around here. There’s actually a Facebook club devoted to the statement on the above graphic. That’s where I found it.

      And regarding MSHS…I’ve hated that mascot name since the 70s! To me, it doesn’t suggest strength or domination (although they’ve had it in several sports over Ashland for decades); rather, it’s like a derivative of “Tigger.” Ooo, I’m scared!!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      What? What’s this? *looking through post* Did I make a typo error? And I never growled at you! (Well, not that I can remember, anyway…you know what they say is the first to go. Ugh.)


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