About last night

As I said over a year ago, which was the last time the Browns really did anything impressive: that was worth staying up for.

Big Ben got his chimes rung eight times by the Cleveland defense. That can’t have felt good on a night when the wind chills were way below zero.


Oh no ya don't

And stay there!

Josh Cribbs finally got his win, and he wasn’t ashamed to say how much he relished it:

They’re going to hear that bus’s engine all the way back. That’s a lonely ride. I’ve ridden that ride for five years now. It’s time for them to hear that engine all the way home while they look at the stat sheet.”

I was like, “Oh yeah, I hear ya” until I read his next quote, referring to Cleveland’s many Pittsburgh fans:

I hope people go to work and kick those Steelers fans.”

Hmm. Not so good. Comments like that tend to draw the accidental elbow to the head, spear to the ribs, or the slightly over-enthusiastic body slam on a tackle next time.

No matter. I’ll take this win because it’s about time they beat Pittsburgh — even a Pittsburgh going through an extraordinarily (and uncharacteristically) rough season.

Yay for da good guys. OK, now I want to go back to bed.


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10 thoughts on “About last night

  1. Helen

    LOL, no I wish them no ill will. And I am glad that their fans have that for this season. Hopefully none of them kick Steelers fans today. It’s kind of funny because there are only a few sports teams that I have ever watched throughout my life on a regular basis (not a huge sports fan) but one of my best friends and former roommate is from Pittsburgh and a sports nut. I’ve watched a lot of Steelers games. I never knew there was such a rivalry until I moved up here, LOL. Congratulations Pollo!

  2. PKPudlin

    As a former Pittsburgh resident (I spent a week there one day), I feel compelled to submit this minor correction. The football team there is called the “Stillers”. No lie. To further illustrate, one does one’s shopping in the Burgh by going ‘dahn-tahn’, refers to a group of people as ‘yinz’, and grocery shops at the ‘Gynt Iggle’. N’at.


  3. Kodye

    This was awful. Terrible. Heartbreaking.
    Pittsburgh’s O-Line is a joke. I’m not worried though. My Steelers always draft well, and they’ll fix their issues at O-line and in the secondary. Then go on another multi-year winning streak against the Browns. :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know, dearie. I know. It’s OK. Browns will go back to their losing ways soon enough. But they will also “draft well” this year, being on the bottom of the heap. We’ll just have to wait and see, yes?

      1. Kodye

        I’d just dig for anyone in the division to get better, so I never have to see something like the Bengals win the division ever ever EVER again.


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