I’ve always liked that song by Claude Thornhill.

This morning, a very light snow is falling. I don’t know what it is about that particular event, but it exudes a sense of calm, peace and tranquility, don’t you think? I like to watch the snow early in the morning (and I do get up at the butt crack of dawn) from my kitchen, down the stairs of my back porch and into the yard. Rousseau likes to lie down in the stuff — no joke. Eskimo dog.

Maybe it’s because snowfall is silent. It arrives secretly, when you’re not looking, and just operates in the background as you go about your day. Have you ever awoken to find a gorgeous blanket of white outside that wasn’t there when you went to bed? I like that. It’s a cozy surprise — one to follow up with coffee or cocoa, and snuggling up on the sofa with a comforter and a book, or a Christmas movie. Ah….

Alas, it’s 5:24 a.m. and no call yet, so time to wake up and get going. There’ll be time enough for lazy, snowy mornings in eight more days. But who’s counting?


4 thoughts on “Snowfall

  1. Suzanne

    Ahh I do miss the snow at this time of year. It is quite lovely when it is falling silently. Funny about Rousseau–dogs do love the snow!

    Sasha, may she RIP, loved the snow too. A couple of years ago we, too, woke up to a heavy snowfall. Since she and I were usually the first out and about we got to tramp through some heavy snow. One car had been by so I started walking in the tire tracks and Sasha followed me. She started bumping her nose into my thighs and I finally let her pass me. She started running as fast as she could, biting at the snow and acting like she was a puppy again. It was so cute. We spent the rest of the day playing in the snow–one of my bestest memories of my beloved chow.

    Be careful in the snow!! How does the new Finkmobile do?

  2. mathman

    I saw some snow on the moutian tops yesterday on the way to my first basketball game in Lake Havasu City. I cannot say I miss the stuff yet, but I am missing the chance for the phone to ring at 5:45 and someone saying no school, great feeling. Oh well 7 days to a long and much needed break.


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