Aging gracefully…or not.

Yeah, I know. I’m all about the age thing. Maybe it’s because my own coming to terms with it is *so* right around the corner.

I went Hollywood Hag again and checked out some people and how they’ve aged. This post features men; I’ll do the women’s side another day. Many of these guys have approached (and passed) middle age in a graceful and smooth manner. Some, well, haven’t.

I read once that when we are old, the face we have is the face we’ve earned. As you will see, some guys made out better in the earnings department than others…

Pierce Brosnan, as Remington Steele in the early 80s, then in a photo take a few months ago. Well done.

He\'ll always be James Bond to me. Nice.


Jimmy Buffett, looking awesome then and now, rocking the Harry Potter specs.

He is only 44, fuh cripesake. He looks like something out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Aggressive facelifts, weird hair color...doesn\'t matter. Still adore him.

And then there are those who become more exquisite with age.

Now I’m not poking fun at people for getting older. I don’t look nearly as youthful as I did 25-30 years ago, Buddha knows. I also know that the paps can catch one at a bad time (I’m sure Mick Jagger doesn’t *always* look like that). Rather, this is more a point about most people actually looking cooler when they’re older. I believe that even women *gasp* can get more lovely with age. You know the old adage: Men get more distinguished-looking, and women just get old. I don’t believe that.

Then again, some Hollyweird folks have done some strange things to their faces in their fight to run away from age. How about this little trip down Memory Lane?

Fink out.

3 thoughts on “Aging gracefully…or not.

  1. Mathew

    Brad Pitt is “dating” Angelina Jolie, this makes your comments invalid.

    I’m not quite sure why though…

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Nah, Mathew – just because one is beautiful does not mean one has an eye for such. (Remember Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett???) Still, I’m sure Brad cleans up great – just not in that photo. Ugh. But ya know…maybe he doesn’t even care what he looks like, so … rock on. :0)

  3. TRO

    Hmm, I’ve never gotten the almost Goddess-like attraction people have for Jolie. Sure, she looked great a decade ago, but now she looks old and faded and printed-on (tattoo city) like a billboard that is still advertising a product sold well, a decade ago.


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