But first…it’s the 15th of the month, and you know what that means…

RtB Contest #5!

Big fat ol’ Hershey bar (either in person or through the mail) goes to the winner. Today’s fun is a 2-parter:

  1. Who created this work of contemporary art?
  2. What is its huge significance in pop culture history?

Send your answers (it’s gotta be both of ’em and both of ’em gotta be right) to ratfink at finkweb . org to claim your yummy prize. Out-of-state players: that means people outside the grasp of my rat claws here in Ohio – the USPS and I are tight, so don’t be afraid to play — I’ll be happy to send your luscious chocolateness through the mail.


Random Neuron Firings

~ This one’s for my friend, RD. “Revenge is mine,” saith the center fielder. HA

~ Parents: fear not. Banana safety has finally arrived.

~ *gAsP* (Speechless)

Sixty-three years ago tomorrow, the mad scientists behind the Manhattan Project performed the world’s first nuclear bomb test, in New Mexico (although this photo was definitely not taken in the American desert). The 18-kiloton blast shattered windows 120 miles away.

Hate to leave you on that note on a beautiful Tuesday morning, but my Mahler assignment is calling, and Jason will be here soon, and my hair’s a wreck and whatever shall I do….

Fink out.

Oh, and play the contest, why don’t ya? Search, my little philomath. Search.

One thought on “RNF VI

  1. Stoney

    Yoko Ono’s “art.” John Lennon climbed up the ladder to view whatever was at the top. He met Yoko–the rest is history.


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