All of a sudden…

…I don’t quite feel like myself.


I got so much done yesterday…it’s not like me to be so productive. Am I ill? *feeling forehead* Am I mental? Possibly.

One arrangement done, three to go. At least three. I always try to save the school district some money by writing my own charts, but truthfully, the real reason is that there are no arrangements available for many of the tunes I want to do, so I just end up writing them out of necessity. It’s OK though. When you write your own, they’re tailor-made for your singers and their range of abilities. So, onward.

I hope your weekend was grand. Mine was for sure (well, until yesterday, when I was chained to this box all day long, until finally getting up, only to make a lateral move to the couch to watch True Blood and The Newsroom).

Today I go to the school house and get my room put back together from when the custodial staff cleaned the carpet. Then it’s back home to welcome the Js to the house while their mama goes to exercise class. Of course, after that, it’s back to arranging. I will get this done this very week — just wait and see if I don’t.

Hope Monday is good to you…I’m off to the mines.

4 thoughts on “All of a sudden…

  1. Suzanne

    Hope you have fun this evening with the J’s! I can’t believe that it’s August already, I had to think twice as to what month it.

    It’s a good feeling to be productive innit? I was today and am ready to tackle the week!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      AND…I see that you are nailing your bike rides, too. That is fantastic! You’ve inspired me to get back on the treadmill, which I’ve done for a whole two mornings in a row now. LOL

      In fact, as I increased the speed to push myself, I actually jogged. Haven’t done that since the 80s! See how fab you are?? XOXO

      (The Js’ visit was fun — we blasted through all the stuff at the park.)

      1. Suzanne

        Great!!! Get into the routine now and when school starts it will hopefully be a daily part of the routine. Super! OK yeah I know what it’s like when school starts, mayhem often ensues. But I find when I start the day with some exercise I have a lot more energy during the day. I am pretty tired out at night but that’s a good thing as I fall right to sleep!


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