Various & Sundry XLV

OK, no more lazy, fun, relaxing weekends for a while, fiends. Time to get crackalackin. But first, coffee and some good reading.

  • BoomR posted this on Facebook this morning. Excellent article! I had no idea Charles Dickens had such influence on the public perception of the “scary” circus clown. (I’ve always thought they were ooky.)
  • Who’d have thought 30 years ago that the day would come when a cable-TV company would put the screws to one of the Big Three? Wow. Oh, the times, they are upside down, and there’s no end to the greed.
  • Oh, dear. Prepare to have your perceptions shattered; your inner child beaten senseless. Et tu, Bob Barker?  Apparently he respects his beloved stray dogs and cats more than he does women. (caveat: profanity)

All right, that’s enough for one morning. Gotta hit the shower, then wrap presents for my beautiful grandson, Mr. A., who’s having a belated 1st birthday party at noon today. Fun!

And you enjoy your weekend, too. May it not be your last lazy one. Urg.  :-?

5 thoughts on “Various & Sundry XLV

  1. BoomR

    The MINUTE I saw that article about clowns, I thought of you! I thought it was actually a fascinating article!! :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I loved it! And I shared it to Stoney’s wall, because she is even more ooked out by clowns than I am. HA


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