All right. Let’s get going.


I made a list today (*gasp*! I can hear my sister falling off her chair from across town), and it has 16 items on it. And here I sit, unwilling (I almost said unable, but that wouldn’t be honest, would it) to tackle it.

Need some righteous ambition this day. I looked for sympathy on Facebook, and the only response I’ve gotten so far is from RtB fiend Will, who said he was having trouble with his own ambition, so I was out of luck.


Can no one stop the incessant whining in my head? I say it’s in my head because the Thriller is gone today, so there’s nobody to listen to my mewling, except Rousseau. And you.  :twisted:

What do you do when you can find no motivation? I mean seriously — what gets you up out of the chair? My nephew just posted a reply on Facebook, saying, “Starbucks, Auntie. Starbucks.” Ha — it just so happens the Thriller bought some yesterday, so I am rinsing down a mug at this moment. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to be the ticket.

Help, Mr. Wizard(s). Help.


5 thoughts on “All right. Let’s get going.

  1. Mavis

    Tim just picked me up off the floor. :-) If it’s housework on your list, I don’t blame you for being “unwilling” to get going. Now, you have something very big coming up to look forward to, so think about that. Think that you HAVE to get these things done on your list so you’ll be ready for the Odyssey! If I have things I really need to get done at home, I turn on my music. It gets me up and motivated every time.

    OH! Good news! I got approved for the appointment in Marion! YAY! Hope your day improves, luv. Now get up offa that thang and MOVE! Love you!

  2. Rae

    Lists are normally a good place to start — I feel great joy when I cross things off the list. But, I always put, say… “Tuesday”… at the top of the list, then cross it off and write… “Wednesday…”, “Thursday”, etc, when I don’t complete it. I have to be more realistic about my lists, I think. For lazy summer days, normally if I take a really good shower — I can get started. If you have already done that, pick the most time consuming thing on your list and start it. If you finish it, it’ll make your list more realistic-feeling. Make that one thing “Tuesday”. :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Excellent idea. I really tend to bite off more than I can chew — that’s one of my big problems. But good call on the biggest items first. I am chipping away at the list, but avoiding cleaning my master bathroom, top to bottom. That’s the “biggie” on the list today, so I guess I’ll just push the other items down and go for that!


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