I think I need a shorter list

Yesterday’s list? Not so good. I did get four of the 16 things crossed off, though. And it turned out that the bathrooms weren’t the biggest “thing.” I did a complete revamp of my choir website, and theme/code issues took me all day and most of the evening to solve.

A Thunder win over the Heat took down a big list item, too. :-) Heh. Sorry, Bron-Bron. While he’ll likely rear his enormous head and win the next three, last night’s victory was worth staying up until midnight to watch.

OK, I’m off to insanity for the next three days, then a weekend to start getting things ready for the Odyssey. Revised itinerary looks fun. Exciting times! For my private sector fiends — you’re halfway to Friday night.


8 thoughts on “I think I need a shorter list

  1. Will

    I got to finish off a bit of my list yesterday as well. I’m on vacation starting at 3 tomorrow so I’ve been trying to get things done so I have an open schedule. Just got a bit of touch up work and organizing to do.

  2. Tom Hanks

    That is a lot of things for a list. I made a shorter list yesterday and got less crossed off of it that you did on yours haha.

    I care almost nothing about sports anymore…but the part of me left that does wants Lebron James to lose….everything…ever.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who struggles with “the list!” :-)

      And regarding the LBJ schadenfreude: you know, I think if he would just come out and say, “I handled my leaving Cleveland in a bumbling, uncaring and terrible manner, and I apologize,” it would go a long, long way towards curbing fans’ wishes that he’d take a long walk off a short pier. Apparently, he won’t (but I have trouble believing he doesn’t — somewhere deep down — regret the whole circus).

      Until that time, people like us will continue to say he deserves whatever he gets. Not nice, but it’s the price o’ hubris.

      Good to see you, pal!


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