Always a good time

And always proud of them.

Last night, my v-jazz ensemble had their annual anthem gig at the Q, where the Cavs made short work of Phoenix.

If you’ve never done something like this before, it’s quite the experience. First, you audition by sending an mp3 of your group doing the SSB. Then they contact you, and the smackdown begins. This is the part I hate, especially in this economy. The pressure to sell tickets to your community is immense. I mean, I’m certain these guys are paid on commission. You can hear the disappointment over the phone line when you say, “I’m sorry — times are really hard here for folks, and it’s Christmas time, and I just asked these parents to pay enormous deposits on their kids’ choir tour accounts, and we just closed a show and had another gig last week…” It’s like they’re just vacantly nodding their heads…then they say, “So. You sold only 32 tickets then?”


Then you get the forms filled out (each kid has to sign a waiver, saying it’s OK to film them), report 90 minutes early to the event level, warm up, act silly, get pumped….and then they walk you out to the little ramp space right off the court. Excitement.

Waiting to enter. It's a crazy environment, but exciting.

They walk you out to center court and start fussing over you.

The big moment, for 20,562 silent spectators.

As always, they made me proud, and I hope they all had fun. Next year, we’re taking a Cavs break. I’m going to call the Injuns and the Browns and see what’s shaking there.

Yipes, I’m late. Have a good Thursday, fiends.


8 thoughts on “Always a good time

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, Artie. I was proud of the kids. Sorry I didn’t get to connect with you and BarJai, though.

  1. RD

    Your students will remember this for a long, long time, maybe even a life time. It’s a “cool” experience for them. I saw on Sports Center this morning that the Cavs really took it to the Suns. If the Indians or Browns don’t respond, you could always try the CUBS :-)


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