Am I forgetting something?

Nah, it’s not a crazy day.

I did forget several things. Hmmm. Setting up my orchestra pit (yes, we don’t have a real performance space, so my pit has to be “set up” in front of the stage). Mic batteries. Folding the programs. Ironing the outfit.

Forgot to tell the cast about twenty things after rehearsal last night. Oh well. Too late now. I was honestly so overjoyed that they actually showed up as actors, I couldn’t say much. Then there was the moment afterwards when someone was blocking the doors and I couldn’t get out of the room…I was sure they were defiling the Mighty Ford Ranger, but I was mistaken. I think they were plotting my accidental death come Sunday.

No matter. It will have been a terrific ride.

Bando, Conger…how’d opening night go?

Fink, to the ironing board

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4 thoughts on “Am I forgetting something?

  1. Meg

    Well…I was the one having the little cast “meeting” last night, and I assure you, dear, we were not “plotting your accidental death come Sunday”. :)
    Actually we were not…*cough*…talking about you at all…


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