And on the third day

She was twitchy, and had had enough of the resting thing. Time to get back at it.

Not that I don’t love a good vacation, mind. You know I do. But for the last two days, I’ve been reading, relaxing, eating, and reading. And reading and relaxing. I’m about to go out of my nut. As I’ve said on several occasions before, sometimes I don’t do well with unstructured time.

I think it would be easier on me if Thanksgiving  — a rather dubious holiday, to be sure — didn’t signal the beginning of the craziest weeks of the semester for me. In fact, I thought to myself yesterday, What if I could just look forward to the Christmas holidays without all the stress of umpteen gigs squeezed into the next 18 days? Truth is, I haven’t known what that could be like for, oh, 20 years.

But of course, we always want what we don’t have. Perhaps, when I’m a pensioner, I’ll regret the craziness and excitement of getting 200 5th-8th graders gathered in one place for a concert, making sure everyone’s behaving and dressed correctly and soloists are ready, and that sound, lights, programs, rhythm section players and music are all taken care of. Oh, then I have to play, which is always stressful. (They can mess up and be fine; however, if I blow it…)

For now, though — let’s get back on the horse. I’m ready for them to hand out some Christmas cheer to the community. Should be fun!

Oh, and the Christmas shopping, she is finished. Saints be praised. Now to start wrapping gifts…

6 thoughts on “And on the third day

  1. Kay

    Don’t count on missing any of that craziness when you are retired – actually you will probably look back and wonder how you managed to remain sane in the midst of the hysteria. Of course sanity is a relative term….

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Relative indeed! I hope I don’t miss it and end up thinking I made a mistake by retiring the first chance I got. But hey…I shouldn’t regret it; I’ll have ample time for trips to California. ;-)

  2. David

    I miss none of the craziness at all, simply cause it is replaced with the “pensioner frenetic” of OK…now what do I want to do. I know, how about a river cruise on the Danube from Prague to Vienna? Now that’s what I’m talking bout! Wow, that was exhausting…I better sit down and rest awhile, whew.

    OK…NOW I can think about Christmas! Who has their gift shopping done in November…that is nigh onto impossible for me to wrap my head around. Ms. Fink you simply must be a better fiend than I am…I tip my sombrero.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well gracias, amigo — but I do all my Christmas shopping right in front of this screen! I did not purchase a single gift in “person.” It’s just so much easier this way, at least for me. So it’s not as big a feat as one might think. I’m just a lazy shopper. :P

      Looking forward to experiencing the pensioner freneticism! (Is that even a word??)


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