And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate…

You’re singing it now, aren’t you. haha ;-)

This is for all the salty morons who say the following (as seen on countless social media photos, just this morning):

  1. Y’all love LeBron now. What if he don’t do it for you? You be burnin his jersey again?
  2. BANDWAGON CAVS FANS. Where was all this “All In” s*** last season?
  3. Never seen such [obscene idiom meaning “adoration”] for a thug player like Dellavedova.
  4. If Cleveland didn’t have LBJ, they’d be sitting at home right now.

Well, here you go.

  1. If LeBron “don’t do it” for us, it won’t be entirely his fault, Einstein. And with regard to his leaving Cleveland and coming back: It happened; he said he was young and made the decision he thought was right for him at the time. (Turns out it was right for him.) Betrayal in the eyes of fans, yes. Hurt feelings, yes. IN THE PAST? YES. Holy cow, I hope people don’t make me pay for every mistake I’ve made or selfish thing I’ve ever done. This is a total case of “they hate us cuz they ain’t us.” If the haters had the best player on the planet, they’d be loving him, too. So shut up and get over it. Fifty-one years without a single championship in any pro sport entitles us to some bragging rights at the moment.
  2. I swear, if I read this ignorant tripe one more time…Have you ever paid more attention when your team started to win, than when they were week-in, week-out losers who never made it past the division basement? If you answered no, then you’re A) lying, or B) well, I dunno…lying. I don’t follow soccer that much, but you can bet I was rooting for the USA in the World Cup last year. Does that make me a bandwagon soccer fan? Who cares? I love the USA! True, teams need bolstering from the fan base when they’re losing. But again, this isn’t high school basketball, when you personally love the people who play, and you have a relationship with them, and you’re in tune with them on a more intimate level. These guys are paid for what they do, and they’re supposed to do it well. Every fan of every team ever will have to admit that their “All In” embers die down a bit when their chosen team suffers losing season after losing season. Some of us have been Cleveland sports fans for multiple decades (*raising hand*), and we haven’t given up. But losing erodes enthusiasm, and hello, winning fires it up. Human nature, so yeah. You’d do the same.
  3. Oh, get off it and give officials some credit. If they saw flagrant fouls — especially in this new age of replay in pro basketball — do you think they wouldn’t have been called, maybe once? And do you think Dellavedova is the only player in NBA history to get away with a foul? Truth is, everyone tries it. It’s like holding in football: they could throw a flag on every play. Delly dives on the floor for possession of the ball, all-out rugby style, with no regard for his personal safety. How often has the NBA seen something like that, game after game, from one player? Of course it’s crazy to watch, and it’s a wonder he’s survived this long in the series. It’s rough and violent, but not illegal. Still…funny how Kelly Olynyk is just a “tough player” when he ends Kevin Love’s postgame season clearly on purpose, but Delly’s “dirty” because of his scissor-leg move? Shut it. That, or go to basketball officials’ school and get your own bad self out there.
  4. Duh.

Look. Cleveland may lose this thing. Heck, they will probably lose this thing, because it’s Cleveland. But if you’re a fan of just about any other pro team, you’ve been where we are right now. You’ve experienced having your team win it all; we haven’t. Give us some room and shut your yap.

#All In

5 thoughts on “And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate…

  1. David

    I wish you would really let us fiends know how you feel. :)

    I have never understood the Lebron haters, even when he left for Miami…the man is a beast on the court and from what I can tell is a decent young man off the court.

    Two points about professional sports:
    First, it is a huge bazillion dollar business which means most if not all decisions are predicated on making the green.
    Secondly, it’s a game it is not life. Let me say that again…it is a game. Ms Fink you know I bleed Green and Gold so I consider myself “fanatical” when it comes to the game of football. If folks cannot enjoy this NBA Finals with two pretty good teams, one decimated by injuries well then, I say that are not fans of the sport but simply…Haters.
    I have been a closet Cavs fan since the days of Brad Daugherty and Mark Price; likely will always be one. Cavs in six, closing it out at home!

  2. Mavis

    You know that I’m not a basketball fan. My game is football. But I gotta say that, the Cavs didn’t just *end up* in the Finals. They EARNED IT, PEOPLE!!!! I’m not just saying that because I live in Ohio. I’m an avid Cheese-head. I remember people *hating* on the Bulls when Michael Jordon led them to many championships. Life is too short, folks. Morn for your own team, sure, but be happy for the teams that worked hard for their shot!

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Well spoken, one and all! Life is indeed too short to get caught up in hateful stuff. And speaking of Brad Daugherty: he’s an analyst for ESPN, and he chose the Cavs to win it all. haha I hope he’s right!


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