And the sun comes up once again…

…on Cleveland sports fans who awaken to no chance for a championship. And no bleating from the longsuffering CHICAGO fans, either (yes, RD and the Thriller, I’m talking to YOU).  Can you say 2005 Sox, the 90s Bulls, the ’85 Bears, and possibly the current Blackhawks? Don’t talk to me about city sports droughts. Put down that candle you’re trying to hold.

OK, so the Cubs kinda suck, but not as bad as the Indians.


The LeBron era could be over. By his own admission before the disaster last night: “Potentially being my last game in Cleveland, last game of the season, I’m looking forward to Game 6.”  No matter. It will be one day anyhow, right? This guy said it most interestingly in the comment section of the article I read this morning:

I would see him going to the Nets before the Knicks. Brand new arena being built in his favorite city (Brooklyn), his best friend part owner of the team (Jay-Z), an incredibly solid young core, possibly John Wall or Evan Turner and 3 more draft picks from this year including another 1st rounder, a ridiculous new billionaire owner who jet skis, hits clubs, and parties with nothing but models…

I just think in terms of what the Nets can offer, it’s substantially more enticing than the Knicks. You know Jay-Z will be on that private jet to pick him up the day free agency begins.


Regardless, we look forward. No more basketball posts at RtB for awhile. And hey, it’s Finkday. Finally. I must eat candy to celebrate.

2 thoughts on “And the sun comes up once again…

  1. RD

    I’m catching up on the last couple days of your blog, so just now read this one. Thing is, I’m not a fan of all Chicago teams, so I received no personal joy from the success of the teams you mentioned. (I know the Thriller likes the White Sox, so I’m thrilled for him!) I’m a die hard CUBS fan, and, sadly (and acurately on your part), they weren’t on your list of successful Chicago teams. Somehow, in my childhood, I was infected with the CUBS virus, and now these many years later, it still persists. In fact, check where they’re playing on Memorial Day. I and a considerable number of my family will be there — gluttons for punishment. I need a mental health check-up! Go CUBS and Go CAVS.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      So you’re going to Pittsburgh on Memorial Day?? Hey, who knows–the Tribe just beat the Yankees, so it could happen, right?? LOL


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