Random Neuron Firings


1. And you thought actors could be snarky and mean. Check out some rock stars hurling the insults at one another. Axl Rose is the first one listed. If I’ze pulled that tight and Botoxed that heavy, I’d be crabby, too.


2. Speaking of crabby: this would make it all go away. My own shoe-shaped bath, constructed of mosaic glass. There’s a faucet at the top of the heel that washes your hair. This definitely goes on the Stuff I Want III list.

3. If people would just remember that the word finite is inside the word definitely, they’d never spell the latter incorrectly again. The “deffinatly/definately” (and yes, even “deffly”) gaffe is one of the more pervasive mistakes I see on Facebook and in text messages. It makes me want to club puppies.

4. There is no shame in having scrambled eggs and deli turkey slices for breakfast.

5. I have five more rehearsals before my high school concert on Monday the 24th. We’re about eight rehearsals away from being ready. Thumbs up.

6. Nineteen seniors are graduating from my choir this year, almost all of whom I have had in class every week since they were in the third grade. Thassalongtime to put up with the likes of the Fink.

7. OK, here’s a funky game that does not require you to surrender your personal information to Facebook. It’s called “If I Were in a Band.” At the end, you will have your band’s name, a photo, and the title of your first album. Do this:

  • Click here and copy the title of the first article you get. That’s the name of your band.
  • Click here and copy the last few words of the last quotation on the page. That’s the name of your album.
  • Click here and grab the third picture on the page, whatever it is. That’s your album’s cover art.
  • Open up your graphics editing program (Paint, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) and combine the three elements.

Here’s mine:

Fun, ja? Post yours here, or email me the information and I’ll post them here for you. Who says I don’t know how to have fun?

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