Things You Should Do

1. Join Diaspora when it goes live. Behold:

2. In the meantime, fix your Facebook profile so as to slow the leak of your information. Think about it.

3. Swear that from this day forward, you will avoid all Facebook applications, quizzes, and “like” pages that require you to “join” before you can see the content. Hello…”Allow Access” means just that — and often more.

4. Back up your contacts in your cell phone address book. (The Fink had a huge scare yesterday.)

5. Don’t *ever* type anything on Facebook or Twitter that you don’t want a future potential employer to find.

Fink (lookin’) out (for ya).

5 thoughts on “Things You Should Do

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeah! Turns out it wasn’t the app after all. Google’s sync function (which reconciles/updates my address book and calendar application) was down for awhile yesterday, I found out later. No sync-y, no worky. All is well now, but I went ahead and bought MyBackupPro for Android anyway, just to beez on the safe sides.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Indeed. And these four little nerdlets seem to know what they’re talking about. Did you see how much cash they raised? Somebody’s going to make money here.

  1. Sam

    These guys have a good idea. But is it a good idea to promise open source software when TRUE open source no longer exists?


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