And the sun comes up…

…on another day for Cleveland sports fans, just like it did back in May. That’s all I’ll say on the subject. We keep hope alive, even though it stings bad. My mother used to tell me when I’d whine after she sprayed Bactine on my scraped-up knee, “If it stings, it means the medicine is working.”

Well, the medicine must really be working.

And now for something you’ll really like: EIGHT DAYS till the Route 66 Odyssey. And it’s Finkday. Candy will be eaten.


6 thoughts on “And the sun comes up…

  1. Mavis

    Yes! The sun will definitely shine today (after the rain moves through, that is) and Cleveland will rise again. Pinning your hopes and dreams on one thing can be good, but I say always have a backup plan. The Cavs will be great in spite of LeBron – they just have to believe it. Like you always say, Fink….Karma. Eat some candy for me.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeah — I read a comment on the Plain Dealer site this morning: “The LeBron Free Agency Watch is over. The LeBron Karma Watch has just begun.”

      I think we risk it every time we go out on the Stupid limb, ya know?

      PS – The Milk Duds (and the movie) were great! Review tomorrow!

  2. Greg

    You know my general feelings on most sports anyway. I didn’t tune in to watch the “big” news–it would turn up on the computer news network anyway right after it was announced. In a year, Clevelanders will probably ask, “Lebron who?” How quickly we all forget and, in the end, it really doesn’t make a big difference–the team will continue with wins and losses, people will still bet on the games (dumb!!) and life goes on. I remember Bactine very well!!! But as in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”—spray some Windex on it!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I do know your general feeling on pro sports, fiend! And that is why I understand where you’re coming from, with you not being a rabid fan. Truth is, there will be no forgetting about LeBron. Cripes…Browns fans *STILL* want to kill Art Modell, and it’s been 15 years.

      There’s a way you leave a team, and a way you totally, um, mess up the dog. :-) James had every right to leave; he had no right to do it the way he did it. But you’re right — life will go on and we will survive all this ka-rap. Spray some Windex on LeBron!

  3. Kodye

    It was really nice of Lebron to rip an entire cities heart out on national television. I’d say more, but I respect you to much to let my speech on here get anything other than PG, and I know that talking about Lebron at this point would take me right into Quinten-Tarantino-style-Rated R dialogue. Please tell me you’ve read Dan Gilbert’s letter to the fans of Cleveland. If not, here ya go

    Sure, it might not be the greatest thing for an owner to do, but it’s nice to see at least one owner in Cleveland show some passion, and the fact that they care about Cleveland fans and the team they own. *cough* LARRY DOLAN *cough*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Certainly you can’t mean Larry Dolan???? :-)

      I have indeed read Gilbert’s letter. And I was fine with his anger, and his righteous indignation — like you said, it’s about time some owners got fired up — but I went “ewwww yikes” when he channeled Joe Namath and guaranteed a championship in Cleveland before LBJ got one. Guaranteed a championship? In Cleveland??? I’m fine with some invective, but he could have gone all day without saying that crap. To me, it totally besmirched his credibility as a businessman. He sounded like a crazed loon.

      Still, I totally understand (and share) his disgust. Although…………………Dan (and the staff, and we, the fans) helped create LeBronkenstein. We all had a hand in it. Gilbert mortgaged the team’s future to keep this kid, and people constantly kowtowed to the self-proclaimed King in order to remain in his good graces, for fear of him doing exactly what he did last night. They expected LeBron to act like a gentleman in the worst case, and everyone was disappointed and crushed. And now the team is screwed in the short run.

      But you know — now that it’s all done, I have to say I’m a tiny bit relieved that the pressure to keep him happy is off. I just hope the Cavs can try to do Byron Scott proud this year — they’ll be hobbling, for sure. It’s a shame. Shame that one 25-year-old athlete held that kind of sway over a metropolitan city.


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