And the sun rises…

…on another long week. But I’m still a happy rat.

I mean, I guess there has to be one day of the week that’s the first after the weekend. Otherwise, we’d have just one long, continuous, you know. Weekend. Hey, that sounds like an idea…

It bears mentioning that this is the best orchestra I’ve had in the nine years I’ve been doing musicals at my school. Not that the others weren’t good — they were — but this time, there’s no weak link anywhere. By “weak link,” I mean a pit player who does not A) practice, or B) mark any cuts before the rehearsal, even though he/she has had the cut sheet for weeks. Everybody knew the music. We ran the whole score in less than 90 minutes. That’s progress, lemmetellya.

So as much as everyone is dreading this week and next (I will apologize in advance to my wonderful friends about being horrible about returning emails for a few days), I think the music will be strong. From what I heard from cast members, Saturday’s rehearsals went well, too.

We all *might* survive this.

I had a fabulous weekend with the family. What’d you all do?

Fink out.

4 thoughts on “And the sun rises…

  1. Jan

    I cleaned house on Sat., lead worship on Sun. and basically tried to recuperate from a crazy Friday night of our annual fall fest. The band did 15 cover tunes, mainly from the ’70s since that is where we all seemed to have paid the most attention to the music. I had sing “Life is A Highway” because our other gal singer had a funeral to attend. OMG
    I swear I will never do that again. I am glad no one videotaped. BUT I did do a nice cover of “It’s too Late.”

  2. BoomR6969

    I had 2 gigs – one Friday night happy hour and my usual every-other-Sunday night gig. For whatever reason, I’ve either been trying to get a cold (not on purpose), or my allergies are so bad that I’m getting a sinus infection. Either way – hard to breathe, hard to sing.

    …so I played my new tenor sax a LOT – turned songs that I normally sing into instrumentals. Needless to say, I’ll probably not sing some of those songs again for a LONG time & keep them instrumentals. Normally I don’t “toot my own horn” (pardon the pun), but I gotta say, I had people either in tears (in a good way), or grabbing their significant other & heading home for a little romance after a few of them.

    Gave me some new ideas for my CD project that I’ve been working on for a bazillion years.

    RATS…I’m out of Benadryl….

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    So I get three responses from three working musicians. We’re everywhere, I tell ya…

    @Jan – I would have loved to hear your Carole King impression!

    @Stein – if you play like you did on Sunday while sick, I’m looking forward to hearing you when you’re well. :-)

    @BoomR – You have a tenor sax?!?!? How cool is that??


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