Non, nyet, nein.

And no. Don’t forget no.

Would I ever, ever, ever in my long-legged life do something like Dinner in the Sky?

I mean…what’s the point? The website says, “Have a meeting over London.” What?? Who could get anything done? Sure, let’s discuss the latest merger whilst suspended by a crane cable, 164 feet in the air.

I know, I know. Crane cables lift stuff that weighs a lot more than 27 people and a fully stocked bar. But it still reminds me of riding this at Cedar Point, with #1 Son and Lars laughing at me while I screamed myself hoarse, waiting for the inevitable, horrifying freefall to what I thought surely was my final moment in this world. And, of course, there’s this little issue here.

So, again. No thanks. I’ll take my chances by simply eating dinner the boring, old fashioned way: at a table on the ground.

Have a great Sunday. Ten days till we open.

Fink out.

Ok, one more thing. Apparently, in India, nothing’s out of the ordinary.

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4 thoughts on “Non, nyet, nein.

  1. meg

    soooo i’m readin along…dahdahdahdah and then *BAM* ‘ten days till we open’. Geeee whiz…i can’t even read a simple post without that ‘thing’ comin up!
    I swear to u, at church today I had approximately 2.7 million people come up to me and ask me about it. Jake too. I just wanna shake them and say, “HEY! Don’t u realize that I came to church today to get my mind off of that ‘thing’! How dare u bring it up!”
    Naaaaww, I’m actually starting to get excited now. I ain’t complainin really. I hope orchestra rehearsal went well today :)

    >and the whole Dinner.In.The.Sky. thing??…..nah. people are dumb!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Hey Meg – pretty much, that’s life in the the-ay-ter…everyone wants to talk about the show and its star. :-)

    We will get through this, and you will be fabulous!


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