And then there are the times…

….when you simply don’t know what to say.


Hopefully, it’s just one of those weird-angle pictures, when the paps caught her off-guard, because that’s the only way I can reconcile this thing in my mind. Wasn’t Splash a fun movie? So many facelifts ago…

Another snow day, and we are out of DayQuil. This could be dangerous. Time to call in the reinforcements (snow plow guys).


9 thoughts on “And then there are the times…

  1. BoomR

    EWW… I didn’t need to see Jocelyn so early in the morning!

    Thank HEAVENS you’re not out of DD coffee!! Hope you get feeling better real soon!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks Boom Boom – and I never run out of coffee. Not if I can hep it, anyways! The Thriller just dug himself out of the driveway and went to get me some more DayQuil. Things iz lookin’ up.

      Two more days – bet you can’t wait!!

  2. Mavis

    Dear Lord! What, do they think they are just too beautiful and need to ugly up?! YIKES! That Jocelyn chick – she looks like she was abducted by aliens, had some experiments done by them, and they threw her back!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Poor gal! I know…the story goes that Jocelyn was afraid her husband was going to leave her, so she started on all this surgery to try and entice him back. The story she herself tells is that she did it because she loves the look of exotic cats. Some major self-esteem issues regardless of which version you want to believe!

  3. RD

    I don’t get it at all. Why do they do this? I hope the snow days are giving you an chance to rest, relax and recover. Hope you’re feeling better real soon. Where’s the closest place you can walk to get you DayQuil? Have all the drug stores moved out of downtown? How much snow this time?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Haha..did you just say “walk?” BAAahahahaaAAAaaaAAaAaAaaa

      I am enjoying the days, friend, but in order to kick this stupid cold, I’d need a couple more, and I ain’t gonna get ’em at this point. And I’m too stubborn to just stay home and sleep it off, so…off I go, back to the school house tomorrow.

      The Thriller just escaped in the truck. No snow will hold him down! AU has had 2 snow days in a row — when’s the last time you remember that happening??


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