Snowy morning reading

Well, as I feared — snow day today. And likely tomorrow, too. Perfect. I chase the bright, elusive butterfly of rehearsal time. No matter, though. It’s actually one of the reasons I do a 10-week rehearsal frame instead of an 8-week. Still, I fret……………

Anyway, some RNFs for today.

The Oprah/Jay/Dave Super Bowl commercial. I guess I’m a humorless crone. It wasn’t funny. Poorly acted by Oprah, confusingly short in length, and just … juvenile. I dunno. I know the Oprah/Dave history, but this was just dumb. It’s being hailed as the “funniest 15 seconds in Super Bowl history.” Whaaa? Three bad actors on a sofa, eating chips, with Oprah, channelling the prim & proper granny, quietly shushing the spoiled-brat whining? Wow. My sides. Please.

OK, enough snark. I’m nice now.

Cruel irony. The midwest is getting pounded, and Vancouver can’t buy a snowflake.

A worthy cause. Thumbs up, Michelle.

Cancer cure? Could it be the “three wise men” were onto something?

I am going to get work done today, I promise. I wanted to go in to school before the snow accumulation got too bad, but I fear the Finkmobile’s stick-to-the-road ability. Or lack thereof. Hmmm. I think I’ll just stay in.


11 thoughts on “Snowy morning reading

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I actually thought about that, Suz, but my stupid throat is swollen to about twice its normal size…I’d probably get pneumonia and die, and THEN what would I do about my SHOW fuh cripesake?


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Absolutely…but are you willing to make a little wager on how many of the cast will actually do that? (I can think of about 5.)


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Wasn’t it though? It’s like, “It’s David Letterman, so people will automatically go ‘OMG!!!!!! That is HILARIOUS!!!!'”

      Sheep. Feh.

  1. Kodye

    Nothing Jay Leno does is funny. Or ever has been funny. And it shows how smart Jay Leno is. Helping promote his future competition.


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