And then there were none

Concerts in 2011, that is. And there was much rejoicing.

This was a great Christmas concert run, actually. The kids and audiences were all wonderful, and I didn’t make a complete hash of anything myself. Personally, I love seeing the energy of 5th and 6th graders, and wish like heck that they’d keep it throughout their high school years, without┬áme having to threaten them with their lives. Still and all, the four ensembles blessed some people this week. That’s what counts.

And now, spring music begins. Actually, it’s already begun in HS choir. Thumbs up for non-holiday music. Thanks to my RtB fiends for the good wishes and thoughts. We made it!

Bando, be sure to check in and let us know how everything went with your concerts. I have to tell you that I stumbled upon an old comment you made, back in 2009, when you were doing Godspell, when someone sounded like an “arhythmic meth addict on full tilt.” HAaaaaa. I needed that guffaw. :-)

4 thoughts on “And then there were none

  1. Bando

    Adam and I have made it through our concerts unscathed and pleasantly surprised. Finally, in year four, the audience behavior at our concerts is acceptable. I no longer feel like people arrived there to see a tractor pull and got a school band and choir concert by mistake. We started getting the kids turned around and progressing pretty quickly – it appears their families and friends are at last following suit!

    What a wordsmith I am! “arhythmic meth addict on full tilt.” Godspell may have taken a few haircolor-free years from me, but it yielded some great conversations between us! Dinner Theatre auditions started today – let the insanity begin!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Awesome, awesome, luv! So glad your “audience training” is starting to pay off at last! Excellent that everything went well. Feels good to be temporarily “done.”

      Girl, I like not having auditions at Christmastime, but I fear I’m going to be completely insane opening a show in May. Cripes! Good luck on auditions — I will be there on opening night!


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