And then there’s hating stuff.

More and more things to hate this morning. Sometimes a good dose of “Aw, get off it!” is good. As PK once suggested, maybe I need puppy therapy. Or how about vacation? How about that, hm? (Greg and Suzanne really got involved on that post, too — it was dandy.)

So I have a shiny, new, fresh list of aversions this day. I haven’t hated since January, so I’m entitled. Behold:

I Hate…

  1. late May. Our bosses tell us, “School is still going on; education still needs to happen,” but I think sometimes they forget what it was like to have 90% of your students mentally check out three weeks ago.
  2. giving the annual award for my department, because there is always more than one worthy candidate. Splitting hairs: seems like it’s all I do lately, and I will do more tomorrow at auditions for next fall’s musical.
  3. when I try to make a serious point to one of my choirs and end up saying something really stupid and inappropriate (I swear, it was an accident yesterday — it just came out really wrong).
  4. taking my students’ actions personally.
  5. politics — of all kinds.
  6. having control of all facets of my life, except that one.
  7. that LOST ended just when I was starting to get into it.
  8. the twelve hours leading up to a performance.
  9. knowing I’ve forgotten something, but not knowing what.
  10. feeling there are things I did not accomplish this year.

But tomorrow’s list is going to include things I love, so no worries. Yin and yang are in balance; feng shui is preserved. The wish is granted. Long live Jambi.

11 thoughts on “And then there’s hating stuff.

  1. Storm

    As my mom would say, Put on your big girl panties and get over it, lol I think your List of Hatred is really funny.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      1. I hate the word “panties.”
      2. If I didn’t “get over it,” I wouldn’t have lasted this long in public education.
      3. Thanks!

  2. PKPudlin

    Keep your eyes on the goal, honey. My students are also checking out mentally one by one. The parents too. June 19 we have recital and then we’re done, thank heavens.

    I still recommend puppy therapy. :)


  3. Will

    I believe every season of Lost is on Hulu (as well as available through Netflix of you got it) so it’s there to catch up on. I feel the earlier seasons were the strongest so if you enjoyed the most recent, then you’ll love the early episodes which are just perfect as character studies.

    As always, the list was awesome and I wish you luck with your remaining concerts.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Nah Sky…I’m not forgetting. I know it happens that way as well. I just don’t mention it because I’m not one of them.

  4. Greg

    1. When I was “in the trenches” most of the students checked out right after Easter!
    2. I loved teaching 5th graders until right after Christmas when the “growing hormones” took over–then they were like older students–indifferent, annoying and fussy.
    3. Didja ever notice that when you’re driving and need to use the restroom right away and the driver ahead of you is on a sightseeing mission in a “no pass” zone?
    4. Or putting lights on the Christmas tree–they work perfectly until all 1000 of them are on the tree and then the very bottom row won’t light?
    5. I like getting the “senior discount” when I’m not yet a “senior.”
    6. Getting prepared for a major choir rehearsal at church and four people phone up saying they have to “simonize their dog” and can’t attend.
    7. Why do people think that all retired persons get up at 6 a.m.?
    8. I hate the fact that I plug in the coffee maker in the morning only to realize that the odd noises it makes point to the fact, I’ve forgotten to put in the water.
    9. I hate the fact the nearby K of C hall is scheduling wedding receptions every Saturday night and the music is
    blaring until 1 a.m.
    10. I really get peeved when I’m “weed-wacking” my yard and have about 3 feet to go when the machine goes “WHING” and the last foot of whacking cord flies out of the machine!!


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