Au revoir, l’été

And so it ends. Summer, that is. Oh, and our round robin story ended last night, but not without some zany contributions from many of my funny fiends. Thank you for making me laff!

BFFs Kay and Bob were over for dinner-and-movie night last night (Slumdog Millionaire – thumbs up), after which we sat at the laptop on the sofa and had a giggle about our little David Soul/Shrek/Dallas-dream-season-ending-ripoff yarn. Funny story I’m sure she wouldn’t mind my sharing:

Kay teaches English to high school students in Slovenia. She told me that she also uses the round robin storytelling strategy with them, to sharpen their conversational skills. However, as the story circulates around the room, without exception Chuck Norris shows up in the tale. Chuck Norris, every time. I think that is hysterical. Do not ask me why that just makes me howl.

Another howler about Chuck Norris: #1 Son, as you know, is a truck driver. Hauls steel everywhere east of the Mississippi. For the last 5 weeks, he has had to ride along with a trainer and learn the business/ropes/whatever. His trainer (we’ll call him Sonny) spends every available non-driving minute in front of a portable DVD player, watching reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger. HAAAA. Again … no clue why that janks my funny nerve. It just does.

The only thing funnier than writing about “Sonny” is hearing #1 Son tell about him. Mavis and I about fell off our chairs a couple of weeks ago, listening to the stories (and there are many, believe it). I will actually be sorry when the training run is over today and he gets his own truck this weekend — though I wouldn’t say that to his face. Heh.

Guess I’ll have to find stuff to laugh at on my own. Which brings me back to going to school this morning…

It truly has been a good summer, even though I didn’t get stuff done (see Wednesday’s post). It’s OK. I’m young, right? There’s plenty of time. Have a great weekend, dolls.


11 thoughts on “Au revoir, l’été

    1. Rat Fink

      Yeah, I wondered where you were, loozer! I’ll do it again sometime – this was one of my fave entries ever.

  1. Krissy

    Chuck Norris showed up when we did our round robin storytelling in College Writing. He was in all of our stories. It was great.

      1. Krissy

        Seriously. We blame the appearance on Theo Bacon and Cody Stillion, the only two guys in class. None of our stories were alike in any other way.

        1. Skylar

          Out of those two, Krissy, I believe it.
          And is the end of summer really such a bad thing? :D I’m excited. You know you miss dealing with the oh-so-interesting drama of Jr. and Sr. High kids. (Read with sarcasm in mind. :P )

  2. kay

    I will never understand the Chuck Norris thing. Here I am in a foreign country teaching the students a foreign language and one of the rules has become NO CHUCK NORRIS! – you should hear the en mass grown from these 17/18 year old young men. They think CN is incredible. That will always be a mystery to me. International cult following?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I have no trouble at all imagining you in front of all those teenage boys, going, “Now I warned you; NO Chuck Norris!” HAAA Knock ’em dead this fall, sweety!

  3. BoomR

    You know Chuck N. is just a little bit of a thing, right? He’s like 5’5″ or 5’6″ or some such thing. I had a chance to meet him here in Dallas AGES ago after a Christmas production at one of the megaBaptist churches (where he’s a member). The way they shoot that TV show, I’m sure they’ve done all sorts of up-angles with the camera, etc… (not that there’s anything wrong with being 5’6″… I always guessed him like 5’10” or 6′ from TV)

    TGIF, luv!

    PS… countdown for “Au revoir” to your 40’s should be in full-swing, eh? (ducking) ;-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I had forgotten all about this! You are right – he is a shorty. Isn’t Tom Cruise the same way?

      “Au revoir to your 40s.” Why, I oughta….



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