It is freezing in my little rat’s nest this morning. The first really noticeable snow of the season fell last night, and it looks pretty outside my back door.


Several schools in my area are already on a delay — there was lots of snow up Cleveland way, but it’s not too bad here at all. I don’t want a delay…middle school choirs need the rehearsal. Yikes.

It was so cold when I went to bed last night, I slept in a turtleneck, a sweatshirt, 2 pairs of socks, sweats and gloves. Yes, gloves. My little paws were freezin’. Must talk to the Thriller about this issue.

But, of course, there’s always this to calm my freezing, jittery carcass. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, with just the right amount of vanilla DaVinci, and a double shot of whipped cream. Yummy.

Ok, back to reality. Hit the shower, then the street.


PS – Browns win! Browns win! (‘Bout time.)

5 thoughts on “B-r-r-r.

  1. Stein

    45 minute drive to school this morning… Not to mention the fact that the schools around where I live were delayed. I also got a message from my dad this morning saying it was dry and clear in Lima. This weird, close to the lake weather is not fun.

  2. Kody

    I wouldn’t say it was a “Browns Win” as much as it was a “Bills Loss”, but I’ve learned that Browns fans will just take ’em where they can get ’em.


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