Jing-a-ling jing

I hear Christmas bells in my little pointy head. And not because I’ve been up to my beady eyeballs in Christmas music since mid-October (which I definitely have), but because I happened upon some fabulous toys yesterday while looking for potential prezzies for Jakey’s stocking.

But this isn’t just *any* group of toys; it’s the mother of all groups of toys. Toys we remember from our childhood, and from when our kids were little. Toys that bring back memories. Toys that are still completely boss.

Have a looksee at the following (this will probably bore the youngins, but the crusties will get all nostalgic for sure), and thank Santa for Hammacher Schlemmer (students, we are SO hitting that place in NYC next year) and Back to Basics Toys, who still see the kid under the graying or disappearing hair.

Bozo Bop Bag!

Or, if your tastes truly run to the high end…

So what were your favorite toys? I’ll bet we’ll have a lot of “Hey, I remember that one!” rejoinders.



Dear Santa:

I really, really, really promise to be good, if only I could have this. And I promise to only use it at school, and never on Rousseau or Jakey or Helen or Lars. Promise. So please bring it to me, because I want it, and because I need it. And I want it.

Happy Monday.

10 thoughts on “Jing-a-ling jing

  1. Stein

    Hey!!! I played with these things too. I played with the Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots so much the blue guy’s head would fly clear off his shoulders when the red guy won. I had one of those cardboard kaleidoscopes for years, only recently got rid of it. I never had the weather thing, but other colorforms for sure. They need an etch-o-sketch and some tinker toys out there…

  2. PK Pudlin

    I was a colorforms maven too! Can’t leave out the Etch-a-Sketch, even though those are still available. I love the teeny ones you put on your keychain. How about the sheet-metal doll houses? Haven’t seen them in a while.

  3. Ross

    Legos and action figures were my things. 8 ball through lincoln logs, i remember those from 1978. Banana-board too. otherwise if it didn’t have anything to do with Minnesota Hockey, i wasn’t interested.

  4. Jan

    dolls- all sorts. Bride dolls, troll dolls and barbie dolls. My sister would charge me 25 cents per felt clothing item she would create. What a racket!! and I also was the envy of the neighborhood one Christmas when Santa brought me a dancerina. That was the doll that spun around when you held the crown on her head.

  5. skylar

    Did Lincoln logs ever *really* die out? I had those when I was little. Great fun.

    You’ll only use a 40-foot marshmallow shooter at school? Can’t wait. :P That store does look pretty sweet.

  6. Stein

    Yeah, I’m going to agree with Stoney here… Not only are clowns creepy as it is, but this thing punches back without even needing fists.

  7. Krissy

    I had a Bozo!! Only it looked different. I played with it all the time. Mom wouldn’t yell when I hit that instead of hitting my cruel brothers.

  8. T-rev Music

    LOl ok i still have a magic 8-ball and i ask it questions daily…..and lincoln logs were tons of fun when i was little

  9. Rat Fink Post author

    HA – I knew I’d find some cool responses to this.

    It’s amazing to me how important and full of memories a lot of these simple toys were, even to the youngest people who commented.

    Welcome to T-rev! (Yep folks, his last name is really “Music.” How cool is that?)

    Stoney – I know all clowns remind you of this. :P


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