Back to it (again)


I like having made the decision to move some things around so I could write to you on a more regular basis.

However, as I dragged up to bed last night, I’d forgotten that I needed to get both lunch *and* dinner ready for today, as I have rehearsal tonight.

Plan B: cook stuff this morning instead of write. So, we’re runnin’ on borrowed time here. Still, sitting down for five minutes to put thoughts on screen is better than no thoughts at all. It’s part of the routine, you know? I felt like something was missing for the last week or so, and this was it.

And yes, I moved the treadmill out of the morning hour. Haha — who knew? It’ll likely not happen every day, but I will put it in the evening from now on.

But not tonight. I got rehearsal. :P

Is it really Wednesday? Are we at the halfway point to the long weekend?

Praise to Buddha.

2 thoughts on “Back to it (again)

  1. Mavis

    I like that you’ve decided to do some moving of things so you can write. Gotta tell ya, though – that picture freaked me out!!!! :-) I actually did an “AHHH” out loud when I saw it. Sure got the cobwebs out. ;-)

    Hope rehearsal is a good one, Birdie! The weekend is almost here!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Great photo, eh?? :P Kinda like a self portrait!

      Rehearsal went well — now onto the next 6500 of them, OY. Can’t wait for the weekend!!


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