Bizzy and a birthday

What a crazy 48 hours…

First, let me thank all those who wrote encouraging messages and had kind thoughts about Rousseau, the Wonder Dog. As most of you know from Facebook, he has Horner’s Syndrome, and will make a slow — but hopefully complete — recovery.

It was bizarre: the doctor put adrenaline drops in his bad eye, and it cleared up immediatelyproving that something is amiss in the transmissions between his brain and his eye. When given artificial stimulation (the adrenaline), the eye behaved as it was supposed to. As you can see by the picture, it was fine for the ride home, although it reverted to its weak state by bedtime. The good news, of course, is that while it is clouding his vision a bit, it’s not hurting him, so he felt pretty peppy when the doctor sprung him. He still really, really wanted to ride shotgun. :-)

Well, scratch that. He just got up, and he’s squinting and panting. Not a good sign. I will call the doctor today and see what he suggests. Yeesh…

But on to the bizzy and the birthday. The Thriller is 61 years young today, and we are celebrating tonight with a family feast out at BFF Kay & Bob’s. Should be great fun. Today will be spent baking two cakes (one for the meal and one for decorating class tomorrow night), and making chicken and noodles for the birthday boy. The house already smells goot.

The rest of my Tuesday will be spent getting the house ready for overnight company. My nephew and his friend are staying with us (I have an empty nest of bedrooms, whereas Mavis has a full house) to break up their driving trip. It’ll be great to see him; it’s been a couple of years.

So, I guess I’ll wrap this up, finish the coffee, and keep moving. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Bizzy and a birthday

  1. Mavis

    Aw, bless his heart. Such a sweet face! At least you now know it’s something curable.

    Have a great birthday feast, Thriller!!!

  2. Wendell

    What a cute Wonder Dog you have, Jax. Hope you get good news when you call the Doc. Happy Birthday to the Thriller! What are the odds that a back-to-school decorated cake might make the table at Mr. Beans come August?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Pssh! It’s a done deal, Wendell. Besides — I’ll still need the practice! :-)

      Thanks for the kind words about Rousseau. He is our precious puppy…I truly worry about the Thriller when Rousseau goes over the bridge. They are the absolute best of friends. I’m sure you’ve had a pet experience like that as well.

      Turns out he got better as the morning went on, so I didn’t call the vet. Yay for small victories!


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