What a week

Today, she rests.

It’s been a good week, though. From Monday morning’s Meg meet-up, through the Akron odyssey with Rousseau, the Thriller’s birthday and accompanying feast preparations, spending some awesome family time with Mavis and my nephew, and preparing for my final project for the first cake decorating course — it’s been quite the busy few days. But today I do other things, like get ready for you-know-what.

I’m teaching a course this fall (music theory) in conjunction with a local university, whereby high school students can earn college credit. But the planning and record-keeping are pretty demanding — something I’m not entirely used to. Ha. So the planning begins today, but not in too much earnest. Why? Because season one of West Wing arrived yesterday, and sometime this afternoon, there will be dozing on the couch and watching television. Yay! A calm before the storm.

But for now, I drink some tea and get back to eating somewhat better than I have been. Too many celebrations make a fussy Fink.

Have a great day — we all know what tomorrow is. :-)

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