BoomR is a god

Ya know…

Your friends — they make you laugh. They understand when you’re upset, and rejoice with you when you’re happy. They commiserate on bad days, and celebrate with you on the good ones.

Then there are the times when your friends feel (sometimes from a great distance) that you’re stressing about stuff, and that you might need something to pick up your spirits.

Sometimes, your friends just make you grateful.

Look what Boom Boom sent me, all the way from Dallas.

Now friends, that’s a friend. BoomR, you are ab-fab – thank you so much! I love you! (Chocolate bars didn’t stay all pretty like that for long…)


One thought on “BoomR is a god

  1. BoomR

    **blush** Aww, shucks, ma’am… t’warent nuthin’… **smewwch**

    I saw those “Emergency Chocolate” bars shortly after reading your post about having a little volcanic eruption @ rehearsal & thought: JUST what the dr. ordered for you, my dear!!

    Of course, I wish it was a pony, but in these rough economic times it was all I could muster :-)

    Back to bed with me… I’m nursing some sort of cold or bronchial infection. Not the way I intended to spend my weekend :-(

    ENJOY!!! I heart you! xoxoxoxoxo


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