Read these.

I was typing a text message this evening, and typed “Og” instead of “Of.” It instantly reminded me of Og Mandino.

If you haven’t read Og Mandino, you must. I was required (meaning dragged, groaning and complaining) to read three small mass-market paperbacks by Mandino way back in undergrad school, when I took a sociology/family psychology class. What began as drudgery ended up as joy. The only bummer is that over the decades, I forgot about them.

Get thee to the library or (where you can buy them for less than a buck) and check out The Greatest Miracle in the World, The Greatest Salesman in the World, and The Greatest Secret in the World. I think I need to buy them all again.

Elegantly written by one of the premier inspirational authors of the 20th century, these three books have been credited with changing people’s lives. I remember them having a profound effect on me. What I originally thought were going to be snoozers turned out to be late-night page-turners. I recommend them highly.

And now…off to rehearsal. Yay.

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One thought on “Read these.

  1. Ladybeams

    I love his books. The were introduced as recommended reading through a networking business I belong to. I thought they were a lot of fun to read also, not laborious.


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