I guess I’m in a head-kickin’ mood this week.

Since I began RtB, I’ve received 1,139 spam comments. Cool thing is, you will never see them. A dandy little piece of software called Akismet takes care of all of them for me. It’s the flippin Holy Grail of blog comment protection.

If you’ve ever seen comment spam, you know it’s vile. And stupid and dumb and full of poop. Here’s a sample of what Akismet caught yesterday. Click on the picture for a closer look:

All those URLs lead to nowhere. Email addresses, too. So….WHY post garbage like this? Needless to say, this bozo’s IP is blocked, and he/she gets a big ol’ boot to the head. Or should I say, bota a la cabeza, since the IP traces to Panama?

I’ll still fight the battle, though. They’re like cockroaches. They can survive anything, including IP blocking, because they’ll just go get another IP.

Yep. Hate me some spammers.

One thought on “BTTH III

  1. Sam

    Akismet is great at what it does. For extra spam protection, you might also want to link to this page. It immediately kills any WWW Robots that wander onto your blog… or so they say. I’ve seen a drastic cut to spam comments since I linked to that page.


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