I experienced  felonious thoughts last night, and I think I still have them this morning.

J’ever have someone say, “Here, have a cigar,” and when you lit it, it exploded in your face? J’ever have someone in a supervisory position tell you, “This is what I want,” and when you gave it to him, he said, “Oh, that’s not what I wanted.” Such is my life at my present university. And I don’t even smoke cigars.

BTTH for BU. One thing is for certain: the first of December will never, ever get here.

*straightening hair and skirt* OK, I’m over it now. (Not really.)

So how is everyone this fine, chilly morning? I am looking forward to rehearsal. Need to get some road behind us on several numbers. I did give up going to the zoo with Jake today, but…

Everyone likes company. Especially misery. So who do you think deserves a BTTH today (besides me, for being so snarky when I have a wonderful life)?


13 thoughts on “BTTH VII

  1. BoomR

    BTTH from me to: Not-so-frequent travelers who try to bring a friggin’ steamer trunk as a carry-on. Can’t get it into the overhead bin, and block the flow of traffic for the rest of us trying to get on the plane. AND a similar BTTH to the gate agent or flight attendant at the front of the plane who LETS the numbskull ON the plane instead of gate-checking the bag! ARGH!!!

  2. Mavis

    Well, mine isn’t a BTTH, it’s a BTTC! (the car) I am SO mad. Seems like every week I’m spending money I don’t have to try and fix a problem on that stupid car. I’ve had 4 things done to it in the past 2 weeks thinking, “Oh, THIS will finally fix the problem.” But NO! Taking it to a certified mechanic would be the best thing to do – if you can AFFORD one! They charge as much for diagnostics as a freaking doctor!! Plus, you try and explain to them what the car is doing and they look at you like you’re nuts! Can I just say ARRRRRG! RAAAAR! *sigh* I am so ready for a horse and buggy. A little feed and hay – you’re on your way. Maybe a new shoe now and then – I can do that. Not sure he would fit in my shed, though.

    Ok, I’m done ranting. I guess my BTTH would be for CAR MECHANICS!!!

    Have a nice day.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I hear your cry, Maven. This whole WEEK has been like that for me. I say we get together tomorrow for soup-making and a cluck!

      1. Mavis

        Bless your heart! Yes, we shall get together tomorrow, make soup and cluck out our frustrations! Besides –
        I NEED SOUP!

        Big Hugz!


  3. Krissy

    My BTTH would be for idiot people who come up to me and say “Wow, you are really short!” I mean come on! Isn’t there a more creative way to say that? I have heard those exact words at least 50 times int the past couple of months. BBTH for those who state the obvious upon meeting me.


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