A vicarious visit

I had rehearsal yesterday all afternoon, so I couldn’t make the trip to the Columbus Zoo. Fortunately, thanks to dear friend Jane (Jake’s other grammie), I have some nice photos from their day.

Don’t you hate it when people post photo after photo of their children or grandchildren, as if readers might be interested? Ha ha heh heh heh. Oh COME ON, be a sport. Indulge me. Someday you will know the feeling. I’ll bet RD has to stand on a ladder to unfold the wallet photo collection. But I must admit it’s tons of fun.

And I don’t mean “fun” for the standard, tired reason that many grandparents seem to give, either: I love grandchildren — especially when I can send them home to their parents. That’s not the case with me. I love them because they’re part of Seamus and Hannah, and therefore a part of me. I’d raise ’em by myself in a New York minute.

Anyway…here are the fotos. There are only three, so I’m being kind. :-)


Jake and the snake

Heeere, turtle turtle turtle

Doing some fish gazing


Warning: Non sequitur

I don’t know why I just thought of this, but check it out.  You can search every last one of my 567 posts since February 2008, and not find one instance where I’ve used the word pics to refer to photographs. I hate the word…the mouth feel thing again. I remember back in my early Usenet and IRC days (we’re talking 1994-95, thereabouts, when I first got a dialup connection at home) seeing the word “pics” for the first time. I thought, “Why not just say the 2nd syllable?” It’s a piece of “netspeak” that has just stuck. Me no likey. But you go ahead, by all means. Doesn’t bother me to read it.

I used to have a friend on a lowcarb newsgroup who used the word “pixies” to refer to photos. She’s not with us anymore.

Sheesh I’m a nut job. (But at least I *know* I’m wearing the foil hat.)


8 thoughts on “A vicarious visit

  1. PKPudlin

    Well I don’t have grand-kidlets yet, and there are none in the immediate future, but I try to indulge these proud grandparents with patience. Someday I’ll be just like them.

    As to web-speak, it is ubiquitous(one of my favorite words, BTW), but we grammar/spelling sensitives can fight back by using words that can’t be reduced to their skeletal forms; words like ‘ubiquitous’.


  2. Stoney

    Awwwwww! Cute pictures. My boy is being baptized today, so I shall be posting pics on Facebook!!

    Love being a grandma.

    Stoney the musical genius

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yay for little Max! Get those photos up there so’s I can see them. And do not worry about that music thing, ya nut!

  3. Artilius Merchclod

    I’m with you on the hate of “pics”. I may have used it before but never with a straight face.

  4. Krissy

    I love looking at pictures of children learning about the world around them. I show off endless pictures of my niece so often that people think she’s mine.


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