The acronym for today…

…is DVR.

I’m finding I cannot watch Mad Men at 10 p.m. on Sundays, then get to sleep by, oh, 11:30, then wake up and at ’em at 4:50, rarin’ to take on another week of school/rehearsals/BU rubbish. I admit it: I’m getting too old for that krazy kockadoodie krap.

However, I am not too old to have had a huge water fight with Jake during his bath time at my house last night, using washcloths for swords — he in the bathtub, and I on the bathroom floor. He won. We laughed. It was epic.

But henny, Grammie is tired.

So DVR from now on. Still, I wonder: how shall I get through my autumn Sunday nights, after having watched the Browns lose (again)? Guess I’ll have to do something productive. How boring is that?


5 thoughts on “The acronym for today…

  1. PKPudlin

    Well, being the acronym-illiterate that I am, I Googled DVR. These are but a few of the more choice interpretations I found:
    Disneyworld Vacation Rentals
    Division of Veterinary Resources
    Digital Village Research
    Delrin Vandal Resistant
    Day at Village Raceway
    Diamond Valley Railway.

    My guess is that none of the above reflect your usage.

    My goal has always been to get very old and be the kind of old lady who whacks young whippersnappers in the shins with my cane if they get outta line. With multiple centenarians on both sides of my family and a little luck, I should be able to do that for quite some time.


  2. Kodye

    I’d say you could watch the Steeler’s win on Sundays, but a guaranteed victory doesn’t seem to be such a safe prediction. I blame the O-Line.


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